Welcome to the Rebellious Future of HR!

DisruptHR is an international Human Resources and Talent Attraction movement built on the belief that people and workplaces are constantly evolving, so the ideas and methodologies we use to engage, energize, and inspire them should adapt and change too. DisruptHR features twelve speakers, five-minute talks, and one night of networking and inspiration!

Tickets are on sale now for the next DisruptHR Charleston event on November 1, 2017. After a successful launch in the Fall of 2016, and the standing-room-only followup event in May of 2017, DisruptHR Charleston returns to The American Theater for an evening that will change the future of the workplace!







The Anatomy of DisruptHR Talk

DisruptHR talks follow the Ignite format by giving each speaker five minutes to blow your mind on topics relevant to the human experience and how we work. Each presenter gets 20 slides for 15 seconds each: That’s it! Talks can be about anything so long as they pertain to talent and the future of work, are energetic, engaging, and inspiring. We are always looking for great ideas and speakers for the DisruptHR stage… are you game?

DisruptHR Talk Submission

Watch Past DisruptHR Charleston Talks

You have to be in the room to truly feel the energy of a DisruptHR event, from the talks to the networking, but the learning never stops! DisruptHR presentations are made available to inspire all those looking to lead our community into the future, not just those in attendance. All of the DisruptHR Charleston videos are available online, and below you’ll find the closing talk from the Fall 2016 event – enjoy!