That’s the feeling you’ll get when an interview-ready candidate from Catch lands in your inbox. It’s like having a fully-vetted, competency-tested, available professional saying, “Hi, it’s great to meet you.”


We take the guesswork and bias out of your hiring decision by using video interviews, personality assessments, and coding challenges to ensure you hire the right person for your team. 

We call this The Catch Effect, and it accelerates your hiring process, and aligns candidates with the core competencies needed to succeed, meet business goals, and compliment your company’s culture.

Objective Hiring is Accurate Hiring

We are intentional and deliberate with our candidate assessments, and we take the guesswork out of the hiring equation by providing increased visibility into skill, will, and fit. The Catch Effect provides a holistic approach to hiring and infuses objectivity through the following steps:

Build a Success Profile

Using personality assessment software, we determine the personality profile required to ensure prospective candidates are a fit and match successful incumbents as closely as possible.

Perform a Phone Screen

We identify the skills, goals, and interests of the candidate through a preliminary phone screen, then compare those findings to the success profile we build with the client.

Host a Video Interview

Conduct a one-on-one real-time video interview with the candidate to ensure they are an interpersonal fit and cultural match with the client and its team.


Validate the Candidate

We use software platforms to verify and certify the technical and functional ability of the candidate to perform required tasks, and provide a results scorecard to clients for validation.

Present to the Client

The candidate’s package is presented verbally to the client hiring manager, which includes a formatted resume, video cover letter, success profile, scorecard, and interview availability.

On-Board the Candidate

We provide post-offer background checks and drug screens, as well as consistent post-placement feedback to ensure employee engagement.

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What Our Clients Say

“Catch has proven to be an invaluable partner to Ceterus, and they were instrumental in making it possible for us to grow from 25 to 150 employees in less than two years, preserving our culture and helping us define hiring profiles. Their service levels adapted to our needs at every stage of growth which allows us to manage the business. Whether we are looking for a very specific technical profile or need to quickly grow a team to respond to a surge in work, Catch simply delivers.”
Levi Morehouse, CEO & Founder, Ceterus
“When Catch came to my office, they not only talked about the position I needed, but also really observed the culture of our agency… and you could tell that they were trying to find the perfect person. Not just to fit the work, but to actually fit our company culture.”
Wes Donehue, CEO & Founder, Push Digital

“For the past couple of years, we’ve engaged Catch as our outsourced recruiting arm. They’ve always been really focused as an organization, because before they’ve engaged the market, they’ve taken the time to understand what our needs were beyond just what's on paper so they can find the right fit quickly.”
Marc Murphy, CEO, Atlatl Software

“Because of their deep understanding of the local talent market, Catch helped us quickly identify capable talent that would fit our culture and business needs. Because Catch feels like an extension of our own talent acquisition team, we were able to rapidly go from business need to productive team member.”
Will Gregg, VP of Solutions, Workiva
“When we faced a period of rapid growth, Catch joined us and hit the ground running with a deep understanding of high-tech recruiting, government contracting, and culture-based organizations. As a trusted partner, Catch was able to operate as an extension of our recruiting team to help us scale quickly and develop an employer brand that attracts talent.”
Scott Williams, CEO & Founder, Maga Design