It was Friday the 13th, the day before my #@%th birthday, and a blink-of-an-eye month ago when we made the call: Catch would be working remotely going forward.

We got this! 

We’re tech nerds after all, a couple of us already Work From Home, and we have a culture of over-communication at our foundation – we knew the Crew wouldn’t miss a beat, would stay focused, and live one of the most important core values we have: Always Forward. And that’s exactly what we did.

Like many, we upgraded our Zoom accounts and turned coffees into video chats, onsite interviews into virtual interviews, and got down to business. 

Now, I’m not saying our experience with Zoom has been more eye-opening than anyone else’s, and hopefully we’re all doing better than SNL’s tribute,  but it has felt gooooooooooood. We all sit at one giant table on the regs, so while it’s not the same as the “before times”, our vibe has translated well. 

Things I’m Thinking About When It Comes to Zoom

Getting Dressed – There’s a lot to be said for getting up at the crack of dawn, hitting the bike, then the shower, gooping up your hair, and getting in front of your co-workers on Zoom – just like you would in the office. This has been one of the biggest anchors to the norm, and it has kept my ship sailing smoothly. I highly recommend it. 

Table Time – With a company full of recruiters and Type A hustlers, it would be next to impossible to set the banter and inside jokes aside. So we launched a 4pm Table Time, every day, where we can Zoom into the group or not. If you need some interaction, the Crew is there to make you smile while you keep crushing InMails and emails. It’s been something to look forward to each day.

I’m in Love with Gallery View – The button’s there, and the experience is 1000% better. Click “Gallery View”, stabilize your Zoom, then work the room. It’s like at a party… nobody truly has the focus, and the whole space works as one. Try it, and you’ll never ever Ever EVER go back.

New Fun – OK… this has legit been my favorite thing about Zoom, and it’s something I never would have predicted. It’s so simple: That little black box with your profile name OR whatever you want to change it to. I’ve seen entire conversations during Zooms as people keep flipping their display names, all done with the same ribbing we give each other at HQ. Matt shaved his head? Dan has a handlebar mustache? Yes and Yes. The subtle has become the expression, and the details have become the narrative.

Add Some Chill, Add Some Pause – I am what you might call a bit of a talker – and I’m OK with that! Sometimes, like on stage at DisruptHR Charleston, this is a good thing… but on a Zoom, not so much. I’m learning it’s better to relax and take a breath, than need to say, “My turn?” instead of “Sorry, you go.” 

Turn Notifications Off – This last one goes out to my main man Dan Coombs, and it’s an old one from our Google Hangouts days. Simply turn the audio notifications off… that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less, because no one needs to be in the middle of a sentence and BIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG! Or on second thought, maybe it’s the best! 😂

I have to say, I truly look forward to each and every Zoom. It’s just the nine of us together, under the same virtual roof, and I feel prouder than ever to call us family… and that’s the way we became The Brady Bunch!

There is no call to action other than stay healthy!