Great news is always pouring out of the Charleston tech scene, and the last couple weeks have been no exception. Both PureCars and SPARC were acquired by larger companies who are making an serious investment in this community – by not only keeping these businesses local, but by sharing plans to grow them!

These commitments show that Charleston Tech is evolving even farther as a community that attracts both companies and talent from outside of the region. Allison Prang’s lead article in today’s Post & Courier echoes that, as she cites these moves as signals of a maturing technology sector here in Charleston.

Here at Catch, we are honored and excited to be a part of this story and growth, as well as help organizations bring amazing talent to our area. Here is a quote from Allison’s article:

The merger-and-acqusition activity is already feeding other new ventures. For example, Chad Norman and Christina Lock, who worked at SPARC before the Nov. 2 sale, are putting their individual specialties to work at Catch Talent, a new local startup that seeks to help businesses with their marketing and hiring.

“We’re seeing the maturation of the scene,” said Norman, who predicted that process will continue as “local software companies evolve, get bigger and reach similar conclusions.”

Cheers to Allison for giving Catch some love, and cheers to the future of Charleston Tech!