There have been a select few pivotal moments in my life when I’ve seen a clear fork in the road.  Two distinct and separate paths that would take me on very different journeys.  I vividly remember feeling the pull (and push) to make a decision.  I also remember thinking, this very decision will not only impact me, it will impact my family, my friends, and the lives and careers of the three others joining me.

It’s been a year at Catch, but sometimes it feels like a week.  What I can truly say after growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, studying and reading and soaking up every bit of business advice I could salvage, and living, eating, and breathing a start-up for the 6 years prior, is this: I had no freakin’ idea what was in store!

Someone once told me that if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  A year ago I was a part of an amazing company, I loved what I did and everyone I encountered every single day, I was content and totally happy. But there was always this nagging. I couldn’t ever really pinpoint the feeling.It was like going out into the wild blue yonder and blazing a new path.  And that’s exactly what we did.

Always Forward

It turns out the fork I thought would be this separate and unconnected path, would turn into a whole rebirth of connections.  What I found after being in tunnel vision for 6 years, was that there is a whole world out there.  A world of connections I’ve made over the past 14 years that suddenly resurfaced.  There was support, admiration, recommendations, advice, and wait, even instant business?  Turns out the more kick-ass work we did, the more kick-ass work that came our way.  Who knew!?

Ok, it’s not that easy.  We’ve worked our tails off.  I feel like 22 year old me fresh out of school hustling to call Maintenance Technicians at 8 pm at night (no seriously, I’m actually doing that as I write this). At times it’s been heads down, frustrating, some punches to the gut….and then, #Boom.  The cards start falling, the levy breaks, we get win after win after win.  That’s no secret to anyone who’s earned anything, but glory doesn’t come without the guts.

Trust Your Team

It took us six months (yes six) to find our first and second recruiter, and we are ALL great at recruiting.  It felt like an eternity.  How is that possible?  Well, it turns out, start-ups aren’t for everyone and you know what, that’s ok.  We wanted and found the type of personalities and drive that thrive, that see the vision, and want to be part of our history and foundation.

It sounds trite, but we are family.  We sit two feet from each other all day every day. We share stories, laughs, vents, and even know that Chad hates Charlie Brown cartoons or that Ashley only eats chicken and cheese; but that’s the best part of every day most days.  We lift each other up, break out a dance move, pour each other a cocktail, or just bro hug it out.

And trust me, you were worth the wait, B & T.

Hands Up!

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day.  To dwell on the losses.  I’m very self critical, and some would say that’s a strength.  What I’ve learned is that you have to appreciate the journey, or as my Dad would describe it “the chase”.

At Catch we celebrate the wins.  You have to, because they can be fleeting.  We encourage each other, and recognize the unbelievable amount of work it takes to get a win.

Today, I’m especially proud of the team.  For believing in what we could create.  For believing in our own ability to recreate ourselves. And most of all for taking a chance most people never have the opportunity to do in their lifetime – to start a company.

Cheers to my Catch team and success beyond our wildest dreams! #HandsUp #LetSuccessBeYourNoise