You know YOU. And you know YOUR organization. However, unless you’re Jeff Besos of Amazon, or Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook, it would be naive to assume that every candidate out there is as familiar with YOUR organization and brand.

Employer branding, marketing and networking are an investment for any company to make, however, it will likely be one of the most important.

Why you ask?

Ever heard of Glassdoor or Google Reviews?

Knowledgeable candidates that are seriously interested and invested in an opportunity with your company will do their research. Encourage your employees, candidates, and clients to leave messages on your profiles that will impact your reviews.

Let Your Employees Be Your Brand!

Why did your team come to work for your company? Your employees have a unique opportunity to help hand-pick their future co-workers. That’s pretty powerful and not something a lot of companies offer, sooo… lean into that. Do you offer a referral bonus? Have you thought about a referral campaign? All of which are great avenues to help drive traffic around hiring for, and promoting your brand!


I have seen way too many companies treat this as an “OR.” Let me be clear…networking is an “AND!” Although I’m a huge advocate of various meet-ups and more traditional networking events, like this and this… networking comes in many forms. I cannot tell you how many clients/candidates I’ve met on airplanes, at weddings, or referrals from friends-of-friends. This practice definitely lends value, so take advantage of it! 

What are some of your most productive networking and employer branding best practices? Let us know in the comments!