You’ve completed the marathon of the interview and hiring process and your future, new hire has accepted your offer to start. However, there is still a gauntlet of variables to keep in mind before they get started.

A potential counter-offer from their current employer? Other companies continue to reach out and entice them with new opportunities? They get cold feet about leaving their current company/role?

In a perfect world, once they accept your offer, everything should be SIGNED. SEALED. And DELIVERED. However, that’s not always the case. The good news is, there are multiple things you can do to ensure your next great hire crosses the finish line, and starts their new career with your organization!

Check points

Give that candidate some love. You made a huge investment throughout the entire interview/hiring process in getting this candidate onboard. Make sure to check in with them at least 1-2X/week leading up to their start date – this could be as simple as a quick email/call to check-in, or sharing on-boarding information, so they’re prepped and ready to go for their first day. 

Team Work

Include other members of your organization in this follow up. Do you have any team events (holiday parties, networking events, team building) that they’re able to join? This is going to help heighten their level of loyalty, as well as help them to start to get to know your whole team!

Future State

Throughout your candidate-pre-start-date-engagement, the more you can do to schedule appointments, trainings, events, etc in advance, the higher the level of commitment that candidate is going to feel. This will highlight your level of excitement in getting them onboard, and give them something to look forward to once they get started!

Bottom line, like I referenced earlier, just because the candidate has accepted your offer, doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to cross the finish line. However, there are many things you can do to help ensure they do!