Ahhh, the new year… out with the old, in with the new (and improved, if you’re into resolutions). Here at Catch, we’re very much still in startup mode, so there isn’t a lot of “old” to throw out – but there’s still a lot to learn.

We have all been wearing a lot of hats in these early days, which is one of the best parts of startup life. My own Catch hat rack is loaded up with marketing, sales, operations, accounting, and IT, but I’ve also made it a point to try on and wear my recruiting hat as often as possible. After all, it’s our core business, and there’s no shortage of positions to fill around here.

My teammates have been patient teachers as I learn this new craft. So in the spirit of the season, and learning from mistakes, I asked them what their own recruiting resolutions were for the new year and got some very helpful advice:

  • I will not be a resume snob – Too many times we overlook great candidates because we judge a book by its cover.  For a lot of skill sets, professional resume writing isn’t a priority – so get the entire story by actually talking to people!
  • I will ask for a referral every time – It’s easy to forget, but really important to ask for a referral every time you speak to someone. Engineers know engineers, and marketers know marketers, so be sure to feel out these networks for great candidates.
  • I will recruit to develop networks NOT only to fill the most urgent req –  Getting to know people and developing relationships will foster a long term partnership.  Don’t be quick to the next call, because the current call could really pay off long term.
  • I will get out and network – The best way to meet people is still in person, end of story.  Get on the email list of every networking group, event, and professional association in your area, then put down your laptop and phone and have some face to face convos.
  • I will utilize my candidates for lead generation – It’s a simple question that you should never forget to ask: “Where else are you interviewing?” Not only does this help drive business development, but can enhance your positions as a “candidate agent” to help sell them into new companies and create opportunities on both ends.
  • I will better utilize my LinkedIn connections – LinkedIn is the monolith that it is because leveraging those connections is a goldmine. You have to make introductions and recommendations for new connections all the time, and that can go both ways.
  • I will educate myself – The learning never stops, so stay up-to-date on industry trends, as well as top skill set salary bands to be a better consultant with both clients and candidates.

With all that advice in mind, I can’t wait to rock my recruiter hat in 2016! If you recruiters out there have any other resolutions for me, let me know in the comments below!

Happy New Year!